from one vegan to another

Anonymous asked: i was wondering which one's healthier or which one most people recommend: almond milk or soy milk?

I prefer almond but here

It’s really difficult to find Top Ramen Oriental Flavor where I live and I am a typical college student but also vegan. I recently discovered that you can buy whatever flavor you want, cook just the noodles (the flavor packet is what contains non-vegan ingredients) in vegetable stock and spray in some Braggs Amino Acids (or soy sauce if you please but Braggs is healthier) and it tastes just like Oriental Ramen! 


  • Non Vegan: Doesn't it bother you that there are so many foods you can't eat?
  • Vegan: Doesn't it bother you that so many innocent lives are taken for your benefit and that billions of animals suffer and exploited for your personal gain?

Vegan Meal Time: Milk Mutiny (Epic Meal Time Parody) (by GettingFriendly)

psychedelicrebellion asked: Something that's happened to me quite a lot because I've only been vegan for a few weeks now... When people say you aren't really a vegan because you've only recently become one


Anonymous asked: i'm confused. who originally ran this blog? are you going to post legit vegan-problem-type posts? I run this blog

my friend Jake was trolling everyone basically for a little and he meant no harm. Yes I am but I haven’t had much time lately because of school  and I’ve also been out of ideas. submissions would be GREATLY welcomed.

I’m sorry about all of those posts. Try not to take it too seriously though, it was all in good fun

honra asked: jake... are you high? ._.


Anonymous asked: You've ruined a perfectly good blog, grow up

okay that’s a little irrational